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The Future is Ours [video]

White Out? That’s Not White Out! [comic]

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When Words Explain Themselves In Images

Mindjunker posted an interesting collection of words that show the words’ definitions with simple graphic enhancements. Fontophiles and type junkies will love it.

See all 23 words HERE



Dancing Industrial Robots [video]

World Champion of Hide-and-Seek [comic]

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Yes, You Can Increase Your Spiritual Powers

Well… If you are an attractive woman in your 20s, psychic Karl Lang says you can by stripping naked. Good luck with that!

The  Mirror reports –

Psychic Karl Lang persuaded two women to strip naked at séances to enhance their spiritual powers, a court heard yesterday. The women in their 20s wanted to contact dead relatives and it was alleged Lang, 49, told them they “had to be naked as the spirits are naked”. It was also claimed that Lang told them to send him naked pictures of themselves and to carry out sexual acts as it would boost their psychic powers. His first alleged victim, 27, told the jury she wanted to contact her father, who died 10 years ago. But at their sessions she claimed Lang told her he was the “reincarnation of Jesus Christ”. Speaking via video link to avoid seeing his face, she told Newport crown court: “He reassured me what we were doing was completely normal. “I felt uncomfortable but he said that I needed to be spiritually cleansed and to do this I had to strip naked.

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Behind The Scenes At A McDonald’s Photo Shoot [video]

How To Read . . . . You Got It! [pic]

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Adidas Can’t Be this Stupid – Adds Shackles To Shoes

When I first read about Adidas adding shackles to their shoes, I thought this must be a fake story. However, it appears that the story started on Adidas’ Facebook page last week, so there may be some truthiness in the story.

MSNBC reports –

A hurtful symbol of slavery or simply a quirky fashion statement? Adidas is rebuffing fierce criticism of one of its upcoming original sneaker designs. The JS Roundhouse Mid, a collaboration between Adidas Originals and edgy fashion designer Jeremy Scott and due to be released in August, features a bright orange chain and ankle strap. The public got its first look at the sneakers when Adidas added a photo of them to the brand’s Facebook page on June 14 with the  caption: “Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?”

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5 Worst Dads of The Animal Kingdom

Mental_floss presents a list of the 5 worst fathers of the animal kingdom. The bad dads are – Lions, Grizzly Bears, Bass, Sand Goby and Assassin Bug. The article details why these five made the list, but it is mostly is about eating the youngsters.

Read the details HERE


Oldtime Hipsters – Australian Mugshots From The 1920s [pics]

BuzzFeed published a small set of mugshots from Australia in the 1920s.

View all the pics HERE


I Bet Homeland Security Wants This [video]


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