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Raising Red Pandas [video]

23 Thanksgiving Food Facts [video]

Historys First Celebrity Chefs

ancient-cookMental_floss reported –

Since Julia Child created and began hosting the television cooking show The French Chef in 1963, making finer fare more accessible and feasible for the general public, it seems as if the celebrity chef has been a staple of pop culture—with interest in the culinary masters reaching peak popularity in today’s Food Network age. But before Anthony Bourdain and Tom Colicchio, before Martha Stewart and Lidia Bastianich, and even before Julia Child, how did cooks become chefs and how did chefs become famous? Who exactly were the first “celebrity chefs”? We’re going to start at the very beginning…

Read about all 8 chefs of old HERE.



Color Photos Of The Hindenburg’s Interior

This is something that I had not seen before. These 10 pictures show the passenger accommodations aboard the Hindenburg zeppelin.

See all 10 pics HERE.


The Band-Aid Of The Future – VetiGel [video]

Smart Billboards From Science World [pics]

See more of them HERE.

smart-billboardsSee more of them HERE.

35 Amazing Photos From This Week In The News

thisweek-sA group of fantastic hi-res photos from recent events. Go to pics.



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