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A Nerd Walks Into A Bathroom… [comic]

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Geekiest YouTube Channel – Classic Computer Viruses

Danooct1 may post the geekiest videos on all of YouTube. He infests vintage computers with old time viruses and records the ensuing mayhem. There are not just a few videos; there are literally, dozens and dozens of them. One word of warning –  you must be a real computer nerd to enjoy this stuff.

Danooct1’s YouTube channel

The Run Command – What Is It?

If you are like most Windows users, you never use the Run Command. The reason is that you don’t know what is does. MakeUseOf published a short article explaining the mysterious thing with some great tips on how to use it. Useful information for Windows users – impress you friends –

read the article HERE.


NetForce – Internet Police – Ridiculous 1999 Miniseries [video]

The Nerd Life According to Conan O’Brien

One of the co-founders of Microsoft has purchased a Russian fighter jet.

He said, “If this doesn’t get me laid, I give up.”


Geekiest Halloween Costume [comic]

Printers Were Sent From Hell

The Oatmeat once again hits the nail on the head and is funny as hell. Everyone can agree that printers are evil machines.

Go to Printers Were Sent From Hell.


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