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Structure: A Microscopic Landscape in 4k [video]

The Week in Pictures – Jan. 18-25

View the photos HERE.

Sri Lanka’s Fortress in the Sky [video]

Ryan Island is the Largest Island in the Largest Lake in the Largest Island in the Largest Lake in North America

The title says it all, but if you need more info,

this page on might help.

Indo Java – One of NYC’s Smallest Restaurants [video]

10 Letters Dropped From The Alphabet [video]

300 Year-Old Wishlist For Science

According to –

17th-century scientist Robert Boyle, one of the world’s first chemists and creator of Boyle’s Law, wrote out a list of problems he hoped could be solved through science. Since the list was written more than 300 years ago, almost everything on it has been discovered, invented, or otherwise figured out in some fashion. Here are several of the items from Boyle’s list (in bold) and the corresponding scientific advances that have followed:

Read the details HERE.


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