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Most Crowded Island on Earth [video]

Migingo Island – Population 131

Migingo Island, located in Lake Victoria, near the Kenya-Uganda border, has a population of 131 on half an acre, and is home to “ four pubs, a number of brothels, and a pharmacy” – according to wikipedia.

Here is a 2014 post about a similar island in the Caribbean – Santa Cruz del Islote.


The Most Crowded Island On Earth

isloteTheStar reported on Santa Cruz del Islote –

As global population rates spiral, residents of a tiny Caribbean outpost off the coast of Colombia are proving space is a luxury that it is possible to live without. Welcome to Santa Cruz del Islote, the most densely populated island on the planet, where more than 1,200 people inhabit just over one-tenth of a square kilometre. A maze of colourful alleys and backyards connect the 90 houses, two shops, one restaurant and a school that are built back to back right up to the shoreline. With no doctors, no steady water supply and a sole generator that runs for just five hours a day, the population is fighting to get the state to provide basic amenities. But, despite the challenges, most Islote residents wouldn’t dream of leaving.

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