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Best Of Nat Geo’s Photo Contest 2015


National Geographic published the top 13 entries in their annual photography contest. All of the images can be downloaded as wallpapers.

View the pics HERE.

Technology Prints 2 Images On One Canvas [video]

Tech Enables Communication With Dogs


Wired reports –

Melody Jackson, a computer scientist at Georgia Tech, has been outfitting service dogs with computerized vests, so that in an emergency they can find another human and pull a mechanical lever on the vest that triggers an audio message: My handler needs you to come with me! When people hear this for the first time, “they jump back 3 feet, because the dog is talking,” Jackson says, laughing. The dog can also do other tricks with its wearable, like triggering an SOS alert with GPS coordinates. A search-and-rescue dog could do the same. It’s all part of a curious new field called animal-computer interaction.

Continue reading HERE.

Vintage Dutch Safety Posters


Very cool collection of old occupational safety posters on Imgur

Pictures With Santa [video]

Why? It’s A Slow News Day


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Check out the winners of the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards HERE.



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