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Rounding The Corner On A Zip Line [video]

Warning Signs That Don’t Play Around

FailBlog posted these signs that are as serious as a heart attack.

A Town Called Asbestos [video]

Hell On Earth – Photos From A Chinese Steel Mill


From BuzzFeed –

As the world’s biggest polluter, China faces an extraordinary challenge in reducing its emissions — one made all the more difficult because of the countless high-polluting factories scattered across the country. Authorities have moved to shut down many of the worst-offending factories, but some factory owners simply pay informal “fines” to local authorities before re-opening. Photojournalist Kevin Frayer traveled to Inner Mongolia with Getty Images earlier this month to capture some haunting pictures of life inside one steel mill.

View the photos HERE.

Old Soviet Work Safety Posters



Enjoy this set of old safety posters from Russia.

The Great Boston Molasses Flood Of 1919 [video]

Vintage Dutch Safety Posters


Very cool collection of old occupational safety posters on Imgur

Gas Leak At Burrito Company

evol-smNot what you think; it was carbon monoxide.

The local news reported –

BOULDER – Workers at Evol Foods in Boulder were evacuated Monday morning after high levels of carbon monoxide sickened several employees. Boulder Police and Fire Departments were alerted shortly after 8:00 a.m. of employees inside the food service building feeling ill.

Continue reading HERE.


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