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Etching Castles On Single Grains Of Sand

sandcastleFrom TheCreatorsProject –

After four years of trial-and-error experimentation, artist Vik Muniz and artist/researcher Marcelo Coelho successfully created drawings as tiny as they are tremendous: magnificent castles etched onto microscopic grains of sand—a complete and innovative reversal of building a sand castle.

Read more and watch a video HERE.


12 Travel Tips For Chinese Visitors To America

mickeyFrom Mental_floss –

China does a lot of business and trade with the United States, and so there are many websites devoted to helping business people navigate American peculiarities. Using Google to translate advice written in “simplified Han” for Chinese readers into English allows Americans a tiny, possibly imprecise peek into how the people of China view life in the United States.

Check out the fascinating and rather complimentary list of tips HERE.

For example – “11. Show Humility to Ladies—They’re In Charge”



DIY Nuclear Fusion [video]

Magic For Dogs [video]

18 Award-Winning Science Pictures

sci-pic-sBuzzFeed published a few stunning science pics.

Check them out HERE

original source


FreeFile Review – PDF-XChange Viewer

FFR-WP-logopdfxcPDF-XChange Viewer is much more than a PDF viewer; it allows editing of PDFs and performs OCR (optical character recognition). These features in a free program are unique. PDF-XChange Viewer is Windows only. A paid version, with additional features, is also available. Most users will be very happy with the free version .
Pluses include – lightning fast performance when opening and viewing PDFs, ability to add comments, text highlighting, a full set of drawing tools, and OCR. It integrated seamlessly as the default PDF viewer for Firefox. The Preferences Panel offers an incredible selection of options for tweaking the program’s appearance and operation. The program’s interface is attractive. All the basic controls are similar to other PDF viewer programs, so there are no surprises for the basic operations. An extensive help file is available for the more advanced operations.
The only negative that I could find was that saving is limited to PDF or export as image.
– – – – The Bottom Line – – – –
It performed flawlessly for the past two months on my Windows 7 PC as the default PDF viewer. I enthusiastically recommend PDF-XChange Viewer as a replacement for Adobe Acrobat Reader or for whatever PDF viewer that you are currently using. Get PDF-XChange Viewer today and be rid of Adobe Acrobat Reader forever.
Homepage of PDF-XChange Viewer
Direct link to download the free version of PDF-XChange Viewer

Read more FreeFile Reviews at

Quad-Copter Flies Over Erupting Volcano [video]

28 Photos Of New York City In The 1980s

1980sNYC-sBuzzFeed published 28 photos of New York City from the 1980s by photograher Frank Horvat.

The photos on BuzzFeed

The photographer’s site HERE


Cooked With That Special Ingredient! [comic]

Lockhorns-3-16-14-soriginal source


SR-71 Pilot Interview

sr-71-blackbird-sSpencer Hall interviews former SR-71 Blackbird pilot Rick McCrary about what it’s like to fly the world’s fastest plane. Spoiler: It’s terrifying.

The Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird” is the fastest jet ever built, a machine so far ahead of its time even its own pilots thought it looked more like a spaceship than an airplane. It is an engineering marvel, powered by innovative engines that operated most efficiently at Mach 3.2, its typical cruising speed. From 1966 to 1998, it operated in secrecy, flown only by a handful of the Air Force’s most elite pilots. Rick McCrary was one of them.

The interview is HERE.


So You Just Had Your Wisdom Teeth Removed [video]

Panama Canal Expanding With Larger Channel

pc-gate-sAccording to Gizmodo –

The expansion plan calls for not only digging out the third channel begun by the Americans in 1939 but abandoned at the outset of WWII in 1942, but deepening and widening the two existing channels and Raise the maximum operating level of Gatun Lake as well. See the existing channels can only support current Panmax vessels less than 115 feet wide and 1,050 feet long with a draft of 41 feet or less. However the new locks will be 1,400 ft long, 180 ft wide, and 60 ft deep, allowing naval engineers to design larger “New Panmax” supply ships.

Continue reading HERE.




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