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Lower Back Tattoos Available At Toys-R-Us

Now your daughter can have a tramp stamp – just like mommy. Story and pics HERE.

Ignorance Can Be Influential

Ignorance is power? That explains my work place – probably yours too. Read the article HERE.

Gifts For Special People

Can’t decide what to get for a special person in your life ? Buy them a quart HERE.

For Your Information

These instructions outline the procedures of packing a fresh brain for shipment to the New York Brain Bank at Columbia University.

Horrible, Horrible Hockey Accident ?


Actually, the Zamboni’s transmission blew out.

Sperm For Tickets

The cheapest, most enjoyable way to earn concert tickets.(if you are in Ireland) Apparently it has been such a success that it has been temporarily halted. Go Here.

Free Rice – Vocabulary Test

Free Rice is an interesting and fun vocabulary test that donates 20 grains of rice for each word you get correct. A great time waster. Test yourself here.

The Next 100 Years ?

Article scanned from 1900 edition of Ladies’ Home Journal that predicts the last century. Interesting read. Click HERE.


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