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Film From Shortly After The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake [video]


Curious Origins of 16 Common Phrases

This list from MentalFloss has a silver lining. Some may think it is run of the mill, but I enjoyed the whole shebang.

Go to the list.

Yoyoka , 8 Year Old Drummer – Hit Like A Girl Contest 2018 [video]

Nauru, The Richest Island In The 1970s, Lost It All [video]

Photos of The Week – 6/15/18

Flipboard published a few excellent photos HERE.

‘Red Gold’ From Hungary [video]

Activated Charcoal Should Be Avoided

According to Popular Science –

On her Goop website, Gwyneth Paltrow claimed that charcoal lemonade was one of the “best juice cleansers”. That was in 2014. Today, charcoal products—from croissants to capsules—are everywhere. Even high street coffee chains have taken to selling charcoal “shots”. Some vendors of these products claim that activated charcoal can boost your energy, brighten your skin and reduce wind and bloating. The main claim, though, is that these products can detoxify your body.

Continue reading HERE.

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