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Lenny’s Garage [video]

Conrad Heyer – The Earliest-Born Person To Be Photographed

According to Mental_floss –

When he sat down for this portrait in 1852, Heyer had lived a long, full life. As a young man, he fought in the Revolutionary War and crossed the Delaware River with George Washington.

By the time the daguerreotype was invented in 1839, Heyer was already an old man who had also lived to see the arrival of the steam-powered boat and the first electric streetcars. He died in 1856 at the age of 107, having witnessed both the birth of a nation and the birth of modern photography.

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Lava Flow From Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano [video]

Forest Megaphones Amplify Sounds Of Nature


According to designboom –

a forest clearing in estonia’s võru county has been reconsidered into a space of meditation, relaxation and community engagement through the installation of three giant wooden megaphones. interior architecture students at the estonian academy of arts have conceived the idea of a forest library near RMK’s pähni nature centre, where the quiet sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves are amplified to surrounding site visitors.

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How A Retractable Ballpoint Pen Works [video]

Exoplanet Has Been Imaged Orbiting Its Star

Beta Pictoris b

Gizmodo reports –

And…it’s literally six seconds of pixelated blob. But before you laugh, know this: Capturing that planetary transit you just witnessed was no easy task. You’re looking at Beta Pictoris b, a gas giant ten to twelve times the mass of Jupiter that orbits a star over 60 light years away. That’s 3.527 × 1014 miles from us, and we’re actually able to see it! If you’re still not impressed, try this on for size: Beta Pictoris b is roughly a million times dimmer than its parent star.

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Nano Niagara Falls [video]


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