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AT+T Charges Fee To Obtain Discount

dollar-slashThe Consumerist reports that AT+T is charging a $36 fee to “activate” a 25% discount.

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Man With Egg-Sized Brain

obieMorlets Blog reports –

French doctors are puzzling over the case of 44-year-old civil servant who has led a quite normal life – but with an extraordinarily tiny brain .

Point 1 – the man is French

Point 2 – he is a government employee

Case closed!

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20 Sq.Ft. Of Pizza For $200 – OMG! [pic]

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New Rules Allow Celebs To Die Four At A Time reports –

New rules issued today make it okay for public figures to kick the bucket in groups of four. For years the rich and famous departed this worldly planet in groups of three, according to a press release from the Kharmic Fame Center. “That system had been adequate for the last several centuries,” read the release, “because worldwide, there weren’t that many prominent people and we didn’t want to lose a lot of them at once.”

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Too Big To File [pic]

Bernacke Doesn’t Know Which Foreign Banks Received $500 Billion!?!?! [VID]

News And News Byproducts? [pic]



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