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Bizarre 6 Inch Human Skeleton

6in-humanAccording to –

The pen-sized creature had hard teeth, a bulging head with an additional odd bulge on top. It only had nine ribs on each side; humans have 24. “After six months of research by leading scientists at Stanford University, the Atacama Humanoid remains a profound mystery,” said physician and Disclosure Project founder Dr. Steven Greer. “We traveled to Barcelona Spain in late September 2012 to obtain detailed X-Rays, CAT scans and take genetic samples for testing at Stanford University. We obtained excellent DNA material by surgically dissecting the distal ends of two right anterior ribs on the humanoid,” Greer said. The conclusion? The so-called “alien” is an “interesting mutation of a male human that had survived post-birth for between six and eight years,” Greer commented.

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List of Unusual Wikipedia Articles

This wikipedia page is a massive collection of strange articles from wikipedia. If you have some time to kill, you will find something of interest in this long, categorized list. Here’s one to start off – Bubbly Creek.

Unusual article list HERE


5 Bizarre Ways People Amused Themselves Before TV

Mental_floss posted an amusing list of 5 strange ways people killed time in the ‘Good Old Days’. The list is –

– Unwrapping Mummies

– Public Executions

– Tours of Insane Asylums

– Watch Military Battles

– Fun With X-rays

Get the details of each item HERE.

Art With Dead Flies – WTF


This is a collection of artwork created with dead houseflies. I do give the artist points for originality.

Go to the gallery.

Kelly Hildebrandt To Wed Kelly Hildebrandt [WTF]

khA man named Kelly Hildebrandt and a woman named Kelly Hildebrandt are planning to marry.

Read more HERE.

Bizarre High School Yearbook Photos [pics]

a296_y2-smThese 12 yearbook photos must be seen to be believed.


Insane PETA Leader’s Will


The leader of PETA has posted her will online. Reading it will remove any doubt that anyone has ever had about the sanity of those involved with PETA. Read the entire thing – it’s that good. One of my favorite tidbits is –

“c. That in remembrance of the elephant-foot umbrella stands and tiger rugs I saw, as a child, offered for sale by merchants at Connaught Place in Delhi, my feet be removed and umbrella stands or other ornamentation be made from them…”

Read the entire thing HERE.

Just a Few Bizarre X-rays

Check out these strange and painful x-rays.



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