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Moving Pictures Before There Were Movies [video]

5 Bizarre Ways People Amused Themselves Before TV

Mental_floss posted an amusing list of 5 strange ways people killed time in the ‘Good Old Days’. The list is –

– Unwrapping Mummies

– Public Executions

– Tours of Insane Asylums

– Watch Military Battles

– Fun With X-rays

Get the details of each item HERE.

TV Reporters Are Very, Very, Very Lazy [video]

Girl Juggles 5 Basketballs With Hands And Feet [video]

Toylet – What Japan Does Best – Weirdness

According to AkihabaraNews –

Sega Corporation makes a grand comeback into the world of video game hardware manufacturing with their Toylets, a new gaming platform with a whole new paradigm of user/game interaction. A pressure sensor is applied to a strategically-positioned location inside the porcelain hull of a public urinal, and the pressure exerted by a stream of urine aimed at the sensor serves as controls for minigames on a display embedded in the wall above the urinal.

For a description of the four games already developed Go HERE.



Movies of The Decade

FanSided presents an excellent rehash of the best movies of the last decade. The author covers each year individually and cites several movies for each year.

Go to Movies of The Decade.


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