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Source Of iPod ? [pic]


Check Out The Mechanically Separated Chicken [pic]

I bet you’ve never seen mechanically separated chicken. Now you have.

Read about it HERE.

Mechanically Separated Chicken

Send An Email To Yourself In The Future will send to you an email on any future date you choose. Not sure if it is particularly useful or if the site will even exist in the future, but it is free, and you just might get a pleasant surprise in the future. Registration is optional.

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FTC Strengthens Do Not Call Registry

We can hope that the new regulations are more effective than the current ones.

telemarketingAP reports –

Many of those annoying prerecorded telemarketing calls will be history starting Sept. 1. The Federal Trade Commission said Thursday that it is banning these “robocalls” to consumers, unless the telemarketer has written permission from a customer that he or she wants to receive these calls. But there are exceptions. Calls that are not trying to sell goods and services to consumers will be exempt, such as those that provide information like flight cancellations and delivery notices and those from debt collectors. Other calls not covered by the Telemarketing Sales Rule include those from politicians, charities that contact consumers directly, banks, insurers, phone companies, survey calls and certain health care messages such as prescription notifications. These don’t fall under the jurisdiction of the FTC, a commission spokesman said.

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Government’s Gasoline Bailout? [pic]



Scary Study – Obesity Causes Brain Damage

rosieLiveScience reports –

A new study finds obese people have 8 percent less brain tissue than normal-weight individuals. Their brains look 16 years older than the brains of lean individuals, researchers said today. Those classified as overweight have 4 percent less brain tissue and their brains appear to have aged prematurely by 8 years.

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Shoe Kicks Politicians [pic]


‘Fat Ass’ Seats Installed In Brazilian Subway

faseatAccording to the Sao Paulo, Brazil subway has installed heavy duty, extra wide seats for fat passengers.

A sign above each seat shows a cartoon of a roly-poly passenger saying “Priority chair for obese people.”

Read more HERE.

Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator

Have any silver coins? Find out what they are worth.

Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator


Early Risers Are Mutants

sleepI’ve always thought that there was something wrong with early birds. ScienceNow reports that genetics may explain those poor unfortunates.

Don’t hate those people who are perky and efficient after only a few hours of sleep. They can’t help it. New research suggests that a genetic mutation may explain why some people sleep less.

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Keeping My Skills Sharp! [pic]


Life Is A Beach – Ziggy [pic]



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