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Prison Pizza… Yummy?

According to –

Former felon Josh of Lockdown 23and1 shares his ingenious recipe for “Prison Pizza” using only the ingredients and materials that were available to him while he was incarcerated. The crust of the pizza is made with crushed saltines, Ritz crackers and ramen noodle soup with the addition of hot water. The toppings include tomato sauce, cheese, Slim Jims, pepperoni and pickles.

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BMW’s Self-driving Motorcycle [video]

Photos of the Week – Week of 9/14/18

From TheAtlantic –

Hurricane Florence reaches the Carolinas, Vostok 2018 military exercises in Siberia, multiple house fires in suburban Massachusetts, pedal-car racing in England, ballet in the streets of Mexico City, a dinosaur in North Korea, a pilgrimage to catch fish on Spain’s Gran Canaria, scenes from New York Fashion Week, and much more

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How a Flamenco Guitar Is Made [video]

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

According to Popular Science –

As Hurricane Florence spins toward the east coast, it threatens to become one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall in the United States. The category 4 storm is on course to hit North Carolina and neighboring states on Thursday, bringing winds strong enough to tear roofs and walls from houses and take down enough electrical lines to cause weeks or months of power loss. A massive storm surge will inundate coastal communities, while areas farther inland may experience days of rainfall.

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Breathing New Life Into Pipes of the Past [video]

The Collapsible Crash Test Robot Car [video]

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