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Well, There Goes My Bonus! [comic]

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More Classic Old Newspapers

A few more pages have been added to my classic newspaper site, I’ve added a new section for local news. Local, in this case, is the St.Louis suburbs of Madison and Granite City, Illinois, and the newspapers are the Granite City Press-Record of 1960 and 1970, and the Granite City Journal of 1977. There is nothing earth-shaking, just small town news. If you are a history buff, are familiar with the area or just want a look back to the good old days, check out the Local News. Local News

One Way Mission To Mars Planned For 2023

Mars-One, a European group is planning to begin to colonize Mars in 2023. Initially, no return to earth is planned, so all astronauts will agree to live out their lives on Mars. Four astronauts will be launched in 2022, and four more will join them every 2 years. There is much more detail about the mission on their web site.

Awesome Movie Mash-up – The Matrix and Office Space [video]

16 Magical Pieces Of Tech That Need To Stop

BuzzFeed presented a list of technologies that were once cool, but now have outlived their usefulness. I agree with most of the author’s propositions, but I think most people will disagree with multifunction printers being included. Although I rarely use the fax, I find the printer and scanner very useful; and who doesn’t appreciate the stand alone copier function? Lastly, the author’s disdain for routers seams to be based solely on an Apple fanboy’s love of style over function. Even considering those 2 items, the article was quite insightful.

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The City of London Is Not London (?) [video]

Moments In China [video]

Mitt – The Compassionate Conservative [pic]

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Yum! 7-11’s Mashed Potato and Gravy Dispenser

Before you get too excited, it seems this mashed potato and gravy machine is in Singapore. But you can enjoy a short video of the machine doing its thing.

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Spain’s Running of the Bulls [video]

Cavities – A Thing of the Past? – Possibly

Time reports –

Dentists may want to make note of a new molecule called Keep 32. It’s called that because the molecule seems to have the capabilities to help you keep all 32 of your teeth in your mouth and potentially make cavities — and maybe dentists — a thing of the past. The chemical was designed by scientists in Chile who seemingly have a vendetta against dentists bacteria. In laboratory tests, Keep 32 was able to wipe out all the bacteria that cause cavities in about 60 seconds. The molecule targets the bacteria known as streptococcus mutans, which keeps dentists in business by turning sugar into lactic acid, which in turn erodes tooth enamel. Once the streptococcus mutans is eradicated, mouths stay cavity-proof for several hours. The product has been developed and researched for seven years and is now moving into testing on humans. Once Keep 32?s efficacy and safety are proven, it could make its way into the market within 14 to 18 months, according to researchers José Córdoba from Yale University and Erich Astudillo from the University of Chile quoted in the Daily Mail. The Chilean website Diario Financiero Online reports that the pair have a provisional patent on the molecule and are looking for funding for their human trials.

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Emergency Landing In A Small Aircraft [video]


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