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Bending Neon [video]

Trick or Treat 2017

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Fly Through Seattle’s Huge, Nearly Complete, SR99 Tunnel [video]

According to Wired –

The whole project started after a 2001 earthquake damaged the Alaskan Way Viaduct, which has carried State Route 99 through Seattle since the 1950s, dividing the city’s downtown from the short of the Puget Sound. Fearing the double-decker roadway wouldn’t withstand another shake, city planners decided to replace it with a two-mile tunnel under the city, and at the same time reintroduce Seattleites to the water.

View the video and read more HERE.

Longest Truck in The World – Australian Road Train [video]

Clever CNC Router Is About To Ship

Goliath CNC is an incredibly versatile CNC router. It crawls around a work surface of practically unlimited size as it routes out your design. However, the $1850 price will keep it out of the hands of most makers. Read more about it on Techcrunch, or visit its KickStarter.

Extraordinary Kids fly in Zero Gravity [video]

Prepare For Halloween With These 13 Android Apps published a list of Halloween themed apps. Get games such as Plants vs Zombies 2, or customize your phone with Halloween Live Wallpaper and Halloween Ringtones, or how about a photo filter app from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Excellent for those who can’t get enough of Halloween.

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Denali – North America’s Highest Peak [video]

This Is The Aldabra Tortoise [video]

Communicating With Deaf People Without Sign Language

LifeHacker published a very helpful article and video –

When you don’t know how to connect with a deaf or hard of hearing person, you can complicate the process—or worse, shut them out entirely. If you need to communicate with a deaf person, here’s what you should do.

Go to the article and video.

Fidget Spinner In Space [video]

Pictures Of The Week by The Guardian

Pictures Of The Week by The Guardian


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