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Elephants Are More Than Simple Animals

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Elephants are one of earth’s most remarkable and complex animals, but not everyone stops to consider the ways elephants are very human. They are highly intelligent creatures that exist in highly developed familial societies. Elephant social structures are full of rich relationships and interactions, which could lead some people to ask themselves, “are elephants more complex than humans?”

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5 Amazing Facts About The Elephant Bird [video]

World’s Oldest Spider Dead at 43

According to The Telegraph –

The world’s oldest known spider has died at the age of 43, outliving its nearest rival by 15 years, Australian scientists have reported. Affectionately known as “Number 16”, the female Giaus Villosus or trapdoor spider had been under observation in the wild since its birth in 1974. The arachnid is believed to have survived for so long by sticking to one protected burrow its entire life and expending the minimum of energy.

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Caring for Yanukovych’s Abandoned Zoo [video]

Amazing Camouflage of the Mossy Leaf-Tailed Gecko [video]

Meet The American Burying Beetle [video]

Kids At The Zoo [photos] collected some funny pics of children and animals at the zoo.

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