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52 Blue – The Saddest Whale On Earth [video]

Cell Division Of A Tadpole [video]

Beautiful, Rare, Deep Sea Creatures [video]

Birds Eye View [video]

Camels In The Desert [pics]


Beautiful photographs of camels in the Hameem desert by FlipBoard.

Wildlife Blooper Reel [video]

Look Inside Russia’s Wildest Nature Reserves


According to National Geographic –

Russia’s tumultuous history includes one legacy little known outside its borders—a vast system of protected lands that conservationists have fought for decades to study and protect. Some are so remote and guarded that few of Russia’s own citizens have ever stepped foot in them. 2017 will mark their 100th anniversary—as well as that of the October revolution that ended the reign of the tsars and created the Soviet Union. To commemorate the anniversary, Russian president Vladimir Putin has officially decreed 2017 to be the “Year of Ecology and Protected Areas.”

See the photos and read more HERE.


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