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Facebook Manners And You [video]

Medical Equipment From A 300-Year-Old Pirate Ship


LifeScience reported –

Blackbeard, the world’s most famous pirate, lost his flagship in 1718 when the ship ran aground on a sandbar in North Carolina. But in 1996, the wreck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge was rediscovered, and archaeologists began excavating the ship. Since then, the excavation project has revealed that the ship contained many medical instruments of the day, hinting that Blackbeard put great effort into keeping his crew healthy.

See the medical artifacts HERE.

Read more about the ship and its weaponry HERE.

3D Printing A 5 Story Building


According to –

Nearly a year ago Shanghai-based manufacturing company WinSun announced the successful development of 10 houses in only 24 hours using a 3D printer. They weren’t the best looking houses, given their simplicity, but it marked a turning point for the 3D printing market, transitioning itself from being an industry of small items to the industry of architecture. From then on, everyone knew that 3D printers would change the world.

Several months later, WinSun returns with their latest success story for both architecture and 3D printers alike: the development of an 1,100 square meter (11,840 square foot) villa and a five-story residential building!

Continue reading HERE.

Even Dogs Can Have Mondays [video]

There’s Fish In My Yogurt – What?!?!

Muller-sEarlier this week, I purchased a brand of yogurt that I had never eaten before – Müller  frütUp. The Peach-Passion fruit flavor sounded good, so I bought it. It was indeed tasty and after eating about half, I read the nutrition label – Oh Oh. Everything was normal until I got to the end of the nutrition information. There it was – they even highlighted it – “CONTAINS: MILK, TILAPIA (FISH)”. What?!?! I was taken aback, but I finished the cup. Did I mention it was very tasty? A quick trip to the Müller site revealed that “We use kosher gelatin from tilapia to maintain the light and airy texture of the fruit mousse.” I feel better now, and I will buy it again, because it was quite tasty.



Geeky Clock – WhatColourIsIt


WhatColourIsIt is so geeky that, possibly, only web developers will appreciate it. It displays the current time on a solid color background of the corresponding HTML color code. The background color changes as the seconds tick off.

Check it out HERE.


So, You Want To Land Your Plane On A Windy Day [video]

15 Uniquely German Maladies


You may be German if you suffer from Ostalgie (nostalgia for the old way of life in East Germany (“ost” means East). If you miss your old Trabant and those weekly visits from the secret police, you may have Ostalgie) , or perhaps you have Torschlusspanik or “gate closing panic”.

Read about all 15 maladies HERE.

Meet Disco, The Incredible Talking Budgie [video]

Understanding the Blue Screen of Death (Infographic)

bsod1 produced an infographic that gives basic information about the dreaded BSoD, the screen that completely baffles most Windows users. Now, it can be somewhat less mysterious.

Read the infographic HERE.


Does the Universe Have a Purpose? [video]

Macs Are Special – So Are Their Security Procedures


ZD Net reported on a new bit of malware aimed at Macs-

A security researcher has discovered a way to infect Macs with malware virtually undetectable and that ‘can’t be removed.’

At the end of the article, very special advice is given –

One defense against this would be to paint over the case screws with glitter nail polish and take close-up photos of the seal you created. The glitter in the nail polish sets into a random pattern that would be impossible to replicate, and as long as you keep the photos safe, you can make sure they screws haven’t been messed with.

I just don’t know.


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