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Facebook Manners And You [video]

Bubbles & Bella – A Unique Friendship

Bella-BubblesAccording to WildlifeTV –

This is the story of Bubbles, a female African elephant (Loxodonta africana) and Bella, a female black Labrador Retriever (Canis lupus familiaris). Bubbles is 32-year-old and lives in South Carolina, United States of America, in the Myrtle Beach Safari. She was rescued in 1983 from the slaughter of her family by poachers looking for ivory. Bella, the black Labrador, was left behind by her owner, a contractor that was hired to build a pool at the reserve in 2007. Together they love to jump and play in the water, the big elephant will pick up the ball with her trunk and throw it out and Bella loves to fetch it back and ride on Bubble’s back.

See some pics and a video HERE.



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