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Developing 54 Year-old Film [video]

Glow – A Light That Seems To Be A Bright Idea

According to TechCrunch –

The basic use of the Glow is pretty straightforward. You turn it on by flipping it over, and it fills your room with warm LED light. The light then dims to darkness over a 45-minute period — as Chief Product Officer Jeff Chapin put it, it’s “mimicking the setting of the sun and it helps you get sleepier as it dims into lower and lower amplitudes.”

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The Best Street Food in Queens, New York [video]

Photos Of The Week – Jan. 24, 2019

From NBC News –

An icy wonderland in Niagara Falls, a bird’s-eye view of Hong Kong, cloned macaques in China and more.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai [video]

Full Size Truck Made of Lego [video]

No One Violates The Universal Law of Urination

According to –

The team filmed rats, dogs, goats, cows and elephants urinating and gathered footage from YouTube of others relieving themselves. Combining this with data on mass, bladder pressure and urethra size, they were able to create a mathematical model of urinary systems to show why mammals take the same time to empty their bladder, despite the difference in bladder size.

Harvesting Saffron [video]

Photos Of The Week – Jan. 19, 2019

From the Guardian –

Gunfire and explosions in Nairobi, fast food at the White House, a great white shark off the coast of Oahu and the Australian Open tennis – the week captured by the world’s best photojournalists

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What’s Not For Dinner?

15 crimes against decency and common sense in the kitchen, presented by BuzzFeed.

Nature Is Weird – Giant Spinning Disk Of Ice Forms In Presumpscot River [video]

E-Waste Sculpture [video]


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