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The Best Street Food in Queens, New York [video]

Meet the Culinary King of Queens [video]

Nobody Repairs TVs Anymore – Meet Nobody [video]

1929 Film of New York City Broadway District [video]

Indo Java – One of NYC’s Smallest Restaurants [video]

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper – The Story Behind The Iconic 1932 Photo

New York In The Clouds [video]

Last Accordion Repairman In NYC [video]

Family Business – Gramercy Typewriter [video]

Historical Archive Of Restaurant Menus


The New York Public Library has an online archive of over 17,000 menus from 1850 to the present. Most appear to be from the New York area. A word of warning – the site is often very slow, so be patient.

direct link to 1850’s  menus

Apparently, The East Coast Got Some Snow [pics]


Mental_floss reported –

The blizzard that hit the mid-Atlantic and Northeast over the weekend was a storm of historic magnitude, dumping up to 40 inches of snow in some places.

See the pics HERE.

Tour The NYC Subway In 2 Minutes [video]


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