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Charter Cable Emerges From Bankruptcy

St.Louis Business Journal reports –

Eight months after filing, Charter Communications Inc. said Monday it has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy with $8 billion less debt. Judge James Peck in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York approved the pre-arranged financial restructuring Nov. 17, which was filed March 27 and considered one of the nation’s largest and most complex. Through the plan, Charter, the fourth-largest U.S. cable operator, will shave off $8 billion from the $21 billion debt it took on through acquisitions and service upgrades to compete with larger rivals. The company, which has 5.3 million customers and reported a loss every year since going public in 1999, said it expects to generate positive free cash flow through the reduction of more than $830 million in annual interest expense. Charter’s plan generates $1.6 billion in proceeds from an equity rights offering; reinstates $11.4 billion of its senior bank debt at below-market rates; and gives Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen the largest voting interest at 35 percent.

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Defraggle Your Motherdisc

Very helpful instructions to help maintain your PC. If you haven’t defraggled your motherdisc recently – what are you waiting for? Your ones and zeros will appreciate it.

Go to instructions.



Today’s False Fact [pic]

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Techno Chicken [video]

Thanksgiving Poll – Best Side Dishes

Divine Caroline offers this poll of which side dishes are preferred at Thanksgiving.

Vote and see the results HERE.


New Pet Rock – Still Does Nothing

Gizmodo reports –

Maybe I’m just not a good pet owner, but I never understood the original Pet Rock. Mine just sat there holding down papers on my desk and refused to eat. Looks like this USB-powered one doesn’t do much either. You can order your own USB Pet Rock for $10 at ThinkGeek. Just don’t ask me to tell you what to do with it.

Order one now.


More Great Pics From The BigPicture – All Animals [pics]

Check out the excellent wildlife pictures from The Big Picture. CLICK


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