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How Wall Street Really Works – Dilbert [pic]

supersize it



Too PIG to Fail [pic]

Mitt Romney Blames Main Street For Wall Street Disaster [video]

Company Axes 40% of Staff – Board of Directors Get 50% Raises

KSDK reports-

Bridgeton-based KV Pharmaceuticals laid off 289 employees Wednesday. Company interim chief executive officer David Van Vliet issued a statement, saying, “Although this type of action is always difficult, we believe it is a necessary step to preserve our capital resources and to re-size our company to be in line with our current expectations of when and how we will be able to return to market.” The I-Team found out despite cutting nearly 40 percent of its current workforce, the company’s board of directors still found the cash to give themselves a hefty raise. According to the latest 10k SEC filing, the board of directors was paid $116,000 in 2009, but gave themselves a $60,000 raise as the company was involved in massive layoffs and faced an immediate future with no income.

Read more HERE or HERE.

Bloopers, Blunders and Bailouts [pic]

I found this DVD for sale at Amazon. Believe it or not, it was released in 2004 and has absolutely nothing to do with politics or Wall Street.

The 10 Worst Things About the Worst Decade Ever

Another list for the decade. Hard to argue with this list from Time. Prepare to be depressed.

Go to the list.

Wall Street – The REAL Terrorists – Are At It Again

BusinessWeek reports –

Wall Street is up to its old tricks again. One year later, one of the key excesses that led our consumer-based economy into an historic downturn is being abused in the exact same way that got us $147-a-barrel oil last summer. Worse, many in the media are again getting the facts wrong on oil prices and demand—as if the oil and gasoline price explosion of 2005-2008 never happened—as one look at last week’s oil report will verify.

Continue reading the disgusting details.

It is a shame that the worthless human debris on Wall Street and their government lapdogs care so little for their country and fellow citizens.


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