How The Band-Aid Was Invented [video]

North Korea Reveals Its Internet – All 28 Domains


Engadget reported –

North Korea has inadvertently leaked its domain name system data through a badly configured high-level server, showing the rest of the world that there are just 28 .kp domains. And as Reddit users quickly found, the websites at those domains aren’t what you’d call riveting reading material.

Continue reading HERE.

Supreme Leader’s Activities HERE (if the site is still up)

Apple II Gets Its First OS Update In 23 Years



According to ZDNet –

If you own a working Apple II computer, there’s a new ProDOS update for the first time in 23 years, thanks to software developer John Brooks. In 1993, ProDOS version 2.0.3 was the last official release Apple delivered for the Apple II series. But on Friday, that was superseded by ProDOS 8 version 2.4, which Brooks released to mark the 30th anniversary of Apple IIGS. According to Ars Technica, remarkably the update also brings improvements to the earlier Apple ][ and ][+.

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Hayley Ashburn Between The Vajolet Towers In Italy [video]

Small Town Is Home To Big Things


STL Today reported on Casey, Illinois – a very small town that likes very large things. –

Welcome to Casey. The locals pronounce it more like “Kay-zee.” It’s a town of about 2,700 people just south of Interstate 70, about halfway between St. Louis and Indianapolis. It has a small Main Street, which, like those in many small-town USAs, has seen better days.

But just this summer, the Casey City Council voted to reduce the speed limit on a stretch of Main to 20 mph because so many pedestrians were walking through the town, gawking.

Because just in the past four years, Casey has these new things: the world’s largest mailbox, golf tee, knitting needles, crochet hook, wooden shoes and pitchfork. That’s in addition to the rocking chair and wind chimes.

Continue reading STL Today HERE.

IBM Once Made A Computer With An Oil Pressure Warning Light


As a computer history buff, I love finding an obscure bit of tech trivia, but this one is really obscure. I recently heard about the IBM 7094’s Oil Pressure Warning light on a YouTube video, and further research provided very little additional information. The oil light was needed because the computer’s core memory was oil cooled. This main frame cost about $3 million, in 1960’s dollars.

The YouTube video is a 1993 episode of Computer Chronicles. The episode is Computer Bowl V, a trivia game that was featured annually on Computer Chronicles. Watch a young Bill Gates read the question about the IBM 7094 HERE. This page mentions the oil cooled core memory on the IBM 7094.

If anyone has more info about the IBM 7094 or oil cooled computers, please post a comment.

Colors In Macro [video]


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