The Chimney Map [video]

Fish Frozen Into An Ice Skating Rink – It Seemed Like A Good Idea


According to –

FUKUOKA (TR) – A theme park in Kitakyushu City is facing a growing tide of criticism over its educational attraction featuring some 5,000 sea creatures frozen into an ice rink in what it boasts to be a world-first — and possibly Japan’s last. Space World, described as a “theme park all about space” by the Japan National Tourism Organization, launched the “Freezing Port” event for its existing ice rink on November 12 as a limited winter and spring exhibition to educate visitors about marine life.

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Don’t Shake Hands With A Coconut Crab


Mental_floss reported –

Behold the coconut crab and its magnificent clampers. Scientists in Japan say the strength of the crab’s “mighty claw” is greater than most predators’ jaws. They published a report of their crab tests in the journal PLOS One. Coconut crabs (Birgus latro) are strange, strange critters. They’re crustaceans, but they live on land. They climb trees, as if that’s a thing that crabs should be doing. They’re huge—adults can easily reach 3 feet across. They can lift more than 60 pounds at a time. They’ll feed on dead and decaying animals when they have to, but they prefer tropical fruit, especially the coconuts that gave them their name.

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Hell On Earth – Photos From A Chinese Steel Mill


From BuzzFeed –

As the world’s biggest polluter, China faces an extraordinary challenge in reducing its emissions — one made all the more difficult because of the countless high-polluting factories scattered across the country. Authorities have moved to shut down many of the worst-offending factories, but some factory owners simply pay informal “fines” to local authorities before re-opening. Photojournalist Kevin Frayer traveled to Inner Mongolia with Getty Images earlier this month to capture some haunting pictures of life inside one steel mill.

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Rhino Horn Farming [video]

Man-Made Rainbow Inside Art Museum


BoredPanda reported –

The Great Gallery of Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, is usually filled with classic art pieces that date back decades and even hundreds of years back. But now it’s been refreshed by this gorgeous man-made rainbow placed right in the middle of it. The artist behind it is Gabriel Dawe, a Mexican-born creator who specializes in mixed media and installations made out of colored threads which look like light beams bouncing around confined spaces.

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Far Side Classic – Snakes In The Wild West [comic]

snakes-wildwest-sEmbiggen it!


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