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A Short History of Egyptian Blue [video]


25 Wild Facts About Alaska

MentalFloss collected 25 strange facts about the US’s largest, most unusual state.

Read them all HERE.

Bonus 26th. fact HERE.

Maple Leaf Tempura – Only In Japan [video]

Laser-equipped Shoes Help Parkinson’s Patients Walk

According to TechCrunch –

Here’s an unexpected but pleasant little way tech might be able to improve a few lives: laser shoes. Yes, seriously. Shoes equipped with small laser emitters were shown in recent tests to help sufferers of Parkinson’s disease to walk normally.

Continue reading and watch a short video HERE.

Another Great Comic From The Argyle Sweater

original source

Why You Should Save Spent Pre-Paid Gift Cards

According to Apartment Therapy –

Most of us make a habit of throwing out pre-paid debit and credit cards once we’ve spent them, but believe it or not, they might actually be worth hanging on to. Turns out that even when they’re empty, Visa gift cards and the like, can still be useful; for reasons you probably never thought of.

Continue reading HERE.

Best Pet Videos of 2017


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