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Australia’s Cactus Country [video]

Turn It Off And On Again [video]

Photos Of The Week – February , 2019

From The Atlantic –

A pangolin in South Africa, a slap shot in Florida, medieval warriors in Monaco, fashion week in London, heavy snow in Nebraska, canoe slalom in Australia, Carnival in France, a march for the environment in Brussels, Makha Bucha Day in Bangkok, and much more

Go to the photos.

Gourmet Food On Airplanes? [video]

Freight Hauling Drones Coming Soon

From Elroy Air’s site –

Our systems can deliver heavy cargo over long distances, fast.

An end-to-end aerial cargo delivery system:

  • 500lbs (225kg) payload
  • 300mi (500km) range
  • No airport required
  • No electric charging station required
  • Efficient hybrid-electric powertrain
  • Autonomous flight and advanced safety architecture
  • Autonomous cargo loading and unloading

Elroy Air’s site HERE.

Repairing Buildings Without a Single Nail [video]

Photos Of the Week – February 16, 2019

From The Guardian –

Central American migrants in New Mexico, yellow vest protests in Paris, New York fashion week and the escape from the Islamic States’ besieged enclave in Syria – the week captured by the world’s best photojournalists

Go to the photos.


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