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Why I’m Giving Up Network News [pic]

The Decade in 3 Minutes from ABC [video]

Monkeys Eating Jello [video]

The internet doesn’t get much better than this!

Crazy Baby Name Generator

BabyZoink will generate 9 unusual baby names with just a click. This will surely be a boon to young parents.

Check out BabyZoink.

Mall In China Builds Parking Lot For Women

The BBC reported –

A shopping centre in China’s Hebei province has built a car park with wider spaces that it says is designed especially to suit women drivers. The women-only car park in Shijiazhuang city is also painted in pink and light purple to appeal to female tastes. The parking bays are one metre (3ft) wider than normal spaces, he said.

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Humans Can Grow New Teeth – Thanks To Stem Cells

The Guardian reports –

The procedure is fairly simple. Doctors take stem cells from the patient. These are unique in their ability to form any of the tissues that make up the body. By carefully nurturing the stem cells in a laboratory, scientists can nudge the cells down a path that will make them grow into a tooth. After a couple of weeks, the ball of cells, known as a bud, is ready to be implanted. Tests reveal what type of tooth – for example, a molar or an incisor – the bud will form. Using a local anaesthetic, the tooth bud is inserted through a small incision into the gum. Within months, the cells will have matured into a fully-formed tooth, fused to the jawbone. His team has set up a company, Odontis, to exploit the technique, and has won £400,000 from the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts and the Wellcome Trust.

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Russian Leech Farm [pics]

Photo essay from a leech farm in Russia – interesting.

Go there.

TSA Has No Shortage of Stupid

More inane rules from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration),  just initiated since the recent failed airliner bombing attempt, prove that common sense is all too rare in government.

Bloomberg reports –

Dec. 26 – Airline passengers traveling to the U.S. from other countries were ordered to remain seated for the last hour in flight, and were limited to one carry-on item in response to an attempted terrorist attack yesterday on a Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit from Amsterdam. New U.S. Transportation Security Administration rules also prohibit passengers from getting anything from their carry-on bags or having anything in their laps in the final hour of flight, the agency said.

Luckily Islam’s best and brightest are even more incompetent than the TSA.

Read more HERE or HERE.

Christmas Morning with Dilbert [pic]

Christmas morning with Dilbert. Click to embiggen.

The Real Joy of Christmas from Ziggy [pic]

Who Wants Linoleum Floors? [video]

Hot Doll – The Sex Toy For Your Dog – WTF

Hot Doll is the world’s first sex toy for your dog. Here are the rules for usage from the website.

Hot Doll is on no account a medical or therapeutic object. Hot Doll is above all a design product, companion of your animal, and we do not guarantee the use of the Hot Doll by your animal. You should never force him to use it. Consult a veterinarian if your animal uses the Hot Doll intensively. Hot Doll can fail in the following cases when the dog is too old, or on the contrary too young and inexperienced. If the dog is used to rubbing against pillows or others objects, the master has to teach him that Hot Doll is there for that purpose (as for the place where he sleeps, the toys that he has the right to use, etc.). The mating between the dog and a Hot Doll can last on average between 15 and 30 minutes. Hot Doll is exclusively reserved for dogs. Hot Doll disclaims any liability in case of abnormal use of the product. Always ensure a discreet presence when your dog is using Hot Doll and Clean and inspect the Hot Doll regularly.

I don’t have anything to add. Below is a pic of the toy.

Visit Hot Doll.


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