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Collaborating With A 4-Year-Old [pics]


I don’t know anything about this set of pictures. Apparently, the artist lets her 4-year-old daughter help with with her drawings. I think the results are quite good and unexpected.

See the pics HERE.


The Coldest Place in the Universe [video]

Tisdale, Saskatchewan – Land Of WHAT?!

TisdaleThe small Saskatchewan town of Tisdale is taking another look at the slogan it has used for 60 years — “Land of Rape and Honey.” The community of about 3,200 people is asking residents via a survey whether that brand still works in 2015. “There’s passionate people who believe it should be changed and passionate people who believe it shouldn’t be changed,” said Sean Wallace, the town’s director of economic development. “It’s been both famous and infamous.”

Continue reading HERE.


Dilbert Nailed The Presidential Candidates Way Back In 1992 [Classic Comic]

SuperSize It!

original source


Amazing 7 Year Old Boxer – And It’s A Girl [video]

6 Bizarre Medical Conditions That Shouldn’t Be Possible

cartman-smurfetteSo,  your entire body turns blue, or you blow up like a water balloon, or your face just caves in. Although such conditions are very rare, they are real.

Read about all 6 maladies HERE.

Harvesting Cinnamon In Sumatra [video]


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