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Drill Baby Drill! [video]

Last Words From Cockpit Voice Recordings

This page catalogs the last words from airliner cockpit voice recorders. It has crashes from 1962 to present. Click on the date of each crash to view the complete transcript.

Go to Last Words.

Man Ride Motorcycle To His Grave reports –

How much do you love riding? Probably not as much as this guy did. David Morales Colon, 22, was shot to death April 22 in Puerto Rico. For his wake, Colon was embalmed and mounted on his Honda…

Continue reading and see a video HERE.

Carload of Farts [video]

Report On Condition of US Highway System

A report just released quantifies the physical condition (potholes, or lack of potholes) of the US highway system. It breaks down the figures by state and metropolitan area, but it doesn’t rank them from first to worst, it simply list them alphabetically, although the worst offenders are highlighted. The report is from American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and TRIP (a national highway research group).

A PDF of the report is available HERE.

Mitt Romney Blames Main Street For Wall Street Disaster [video]

Amen! – You Can Say That Again! [pic]


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