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BMW’s Self-driving Motorcycle [video]

i-Road – Toyota’s Strange Little Concept Vehicle


Wired reported –

The i-Road is not a car. It’s a funky electric three-wheeled concept the automaker seems to think we’ll one day use to zip around cities burning nothing but rubber. It combines the advantages of a motorcycle (nimble, thrifty, easy to park) and of a car (enclosed, controls you’re used to, won’t topple) in a vehicle that is as fun to drive as it is weird to see.

Continue reading and watch a video HERE.

10 Motorcyclists In 1 Sphere Of Death [video]

Man Ride Motorcycle To His Grave reports –

How much do you love riding? Probably not as much as this guy did. David Morales Colon, 22, was shot to death April 22 in Puerto Rico. For his wake, Colon was embalmed and mounted on his Honda…

Continue reading and see a video HERE.

Honda Goldwing Retriever – Amazing Tow Vehicle

Honda Goldwing Retriever is an amazing vehicle; it is a motorcycle that can tow automobiles. I can’t believe I’ve never seen these before, as this article is 5 years old.

The KneeSlider reports –

It’s a Honda Goldwing with a foldable towing rig that rides through traffic like a normal motorcycle, splitting lanes and weaving through the jam until it arrives at the scene. Then it unfolds the towing rig, loads up the car and rolls away. The Retriever’s towing rig carries the weight of the car on three wheels so the motorcycle can still be ridden normally. Since the motorcycle is only providing the torque necessary for towing and doesn’t have to carry extra weight, the vehicle is easily moved and a six cylinder Goldwing has all of the power you need. The Retriver can tow cars up to 5500 pounds.

Continue reading HERE.

This page shows a Retriever in actual use in Japan or China (comments are conflicted about the location).

Here is the manufacturer’s site.

Car? Motorcycle? Both?

motorcycle_01-smThis is the strangest vehicle that I’ve seen in a while.

See more pics HERE.

Impossible Motorcycle Jump

Robbie Maddison achieves the impossible, jumping his motorcycle to the top of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas on New Years Eve. The truly unbelievable part is when he rides the bike back down.


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