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Christmas Cartoon – Santa Economics

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Need A Job? India Is Hiring!

ComputerWorld reports –

U.S. companies have been hiring workers from India for years, especially graduates of U.S. universities. But Indian companies, as well as American firms operating in India, are now trying to convince some of them to return to India. A job fair at the San Jose Convention Center this weekend is focused on helping companies recruit Indian workers who may in the U.S. on a visa by informing them about the professional and economic opportunities back home. Organizers also stressed that the job fair is also open to anyone who is interested in working in India.

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State of The Economy – According To Ziggy [comic]

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The 1% On Halloween [comic]

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My New Corner Office [comic]

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The Sad Truth About Our Society In 1 Image [pic]

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How Wall Street Really Works – Dilbert [pic]

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