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It Can’t Get Much Worse [comic]

original source

Calgary Balloon Man [video]

Almost 2 years old, but it’s news to me.

The 1% In Love [comic]

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Stranded On A Desert Isle – Classic Far Side Comic

Supersize it!

Wildlife Blooper Reel [video]

Trump Era Valentines


Shoebox posted some very aggressive Valentines. Enjoy.

Need more? Here’s 8 more.


Dad, Baby, and Photoshop – What Could Go Wrong?


AwkwardFamilyPhotos posted –

Andreas Miezans, a father from Norway, has found a way to combine Photoshop and fatherhood in a series that adds a funny, whimsical spin to daily moments with his baby, Oscar.

See all 3 pages of the photos HERE.


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