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Strange Tombstones [pics]

BuzzFeed presents  a page with pictures of tombstones of strangely, unfortunately named individuals.

See all 35 pics HERE.

Dad Life – Excellent Rap Video

Products Made From Human Leather

Although it sounds like bullshit to me, this site claims to make and sell belts, wallets and shoes from human skin.

Check out

Google Me – Google’s Facebook Competitor

GigaOm Reports –

Could Google put together a credible competitor to Facebook? Anything is possible, but so far there’s little reason to believe that the search giant could come up with a service that represented a real threat.

Based on reports from what he calls “reliable sources,” D’Angelo says: “This is not a rumor. This is a real project. There are a large number of people working on it. I am completely confident about this.” He also notes that the service is being modeled on Facebook, that it is “high priority” and that Google is “really scared” of the social network’s growth.

Read more HERE.

Best Headline From reddit [pic]

Go there.

Woman Trades Ass For Asphalt

STLtoday reports –

The state was contending that in August 2007, a city work crew was putting asphalt on an alley behind the 3600 block of California Avenue. The state was contending that a woman who lived in a house on the block approached the foreman of a city crew. According to the state, she asked the foreman of the crew if he’d pour some asphalt on her car pad. According to the state, she offered sexual favors in return for the work. No one disputes that several days later, the foreman and two city workers came back and poured asphalt on the car pad. The foreman and the two workers eventually pleaded guilty to felony stealing and were given probation. They were also fired from their city jobs. The woman was charged with felony stealing, too, and was fired from her job in the city marshal’s office. But she denied that she had agreed to exchange sex for asphalt. She went to trial in St. Louis Circuit Court last week.

Continue reading HERE.

Amazing Human LCD [video]

South Korea – High school students cheering for their soccer teams. The most amazing thing is that they do this with their CLOTHES (not holding up cards). they have a jacket that is one color on the back, one on the front, and that they can open or close to show a third color shirt on the inside.


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