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Peru’s King of Potatoes [video]

Peru’s Last Handwoven Bridge [video]

Meet The Bald Uakari Monkey [video]

See a River’s Path Change Over 30 Years


According to Mental_floss –

Thanks to satellite imagery, it’s easier than ever to see how the Earth is changing over time. The Ucayali River in Peru is changing its course at an especially rapid pace, and Zoltan Sylvester, a sedimentary biologist who blogs at Hindered Settling, used Google Earth Engine and data from the U.S. Geological Survey’s Landsat program to put together this neat encapsulation of how the river has changed since 1985. 

Watch a video of the changes HERE.

Peru’s Guinea Pig Festival [pics]

Enjoy these pictures from the Guinea Pig Festival in Huacho, Peru. Dress ’em up – then eat ’em up.

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