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Cityscape Savant: Drawing Our World Entirely By Memory [video]

Scientists Use Spinach Leaves To Build Human Heart Tissue

National Geographic reported –

Scientists have found a way to use spinach to build working human heart muscle, potentially solving a long-standing problem in efforts to repair damaged organs. Their study, published this month by the journal Biomaterials, offers a new way to grow a vascular system, which has been a roadblock for tissue engineering.

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Calgary Balloon Man [video]

Almost 2 years old, but it’s news to me.

Meet the Woman Who Can See With Her Ears

From –

Pat soon discovered she could see patterns on drinking cups she’d been blind to for years. She got lost in the decorative wallpaper in her dentist’s waiting room. She could see leaves moving on the trees. She could see faces, though they remained blurry.

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Pictures Of The Week From Flipboard

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Cell Division Of A Tadpole [video]

30 Years Ago – A Look Back at 1987

From The Atlantic –

Three decades ago, the long-fought Iran-Iraq war had reached a deadly stalemate, the stock markets took a huge hit on Black Monday in October, American politicians were gearing up for the 1988 presidential race, Baby Jessica was rescued from a well, broadcast live on CNN, and much more. Photographers were also busy documenting the lives of Pee-wee Herman, Menudo, Mikhail Gorbachev, Howard Stern, Princess Diana, Donald Trump, Bernie Goetz, and many others. Take a step into a visual time capsule now, for a brief look at the year 1987.

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Traveling Through The Panama Canal In 2:39 [video]

Inside A Steel Mill [pics]

Wired posted some photos of a steel mill from photographer Ricky Rhodes.

Check out the pics HERE. (the page may be slow to load)

A Short History of Chocolate [video]

The 1% In Love [comic]

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Pictures Of The Week

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