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Guatemala’s Food of the Gods [video]

A Short History of Chocolate [video]

Chocolate Now More Awesome – With Holograms

holo-chocoNewScientist reports –

Why settle for a bar of boring old regular chocolate when you can chow down on the holographic variety instead? Morphotonix, a company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has developed a way to imprint holograms on to chocolate – without using additives. Morphotonix etches the required structure into a master mould made from metal. This is then used to make plastic moulds that in turn shape the chocolate. Both dark and milk chocolate can be used, though the complex physics and chemistry of microstructures means the hologram won’t form on some varieties. “We have been testing it with many types of chocolate. Sometimes it works great and sometimes no matter how hard we try it doesn’t mould,” says Morphotonix CEO Veronica Savu.

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Your Face In Chocolate – If You Are A Woman In Japan

choco-faceAccording to RocketNews 24 –

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In Japan this means it’s time for women to bestow gifts of chocolate unto the men in their life.  However, for the guys who are really special, homemade chocolate awaits.  That personal touch makes all the difference. The Fab Café in Shibuya Tokyo is setting up a workshop which uses a state of the art 3D printer to create the ultimate in personal chocolate.

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Unusual Toothpaste Flavors

BuzzFeed presents a page listing 20 incredibly bizarre flavors of toothpaste. Pork flavored toothpaste – OMG!

Check out all 20 flavors HERE



Need Something New To Worry About? – Here’s 6

Cracked (known best for humorous lists) presents a rather serious list. ‘6 Important Things You Didn’t Know We’re Running Out Of’ will give you something new to fret over. The list starts with helium and chocolate and adds 4 more. If you are not sufficiently depressed –

read the list HERE.


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