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Traveling Through The Panama Canal In 2:39 [video]

Norway [video]

Grand Teton [video]

Repainting An Airbus A380 In 90 Seconds [video]


Building The World’s Largest Ship – In 76 seconds [video]

Coming Soon – Cameras That Never Stop Taking Pictures

ComputerWorld reports –

What’s so great about a camera that never stops taking photos? Constant picture taking has one advantage, and one disadvantage. The advantage is that by taking many more pictures, you’re more likely to capture unexpected or better images. Professional photographers take a lot more pictures than amateurs, because they know that taking 500 pictures of something instead of just five increases the chance of getting at least one great picture. The one disadvantage is that all those pictures have to be managed and dealt with. And being able to manage massively high numbers of photos is where technology is lagging. But smart people are working on it, and they’re making progress. Here are some camera products and projects that constantly capture images.

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A Day In Venice [video]

A day in Venice (Venezia) in Italy, from daybreak to sunset in timelapse.


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