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This Might Be The Next Internet Superstar [video]

Watch Ted Pillman perform “Mouth To Mouth” below.

If you like it, you’ll love Ted doing “Carload Of Farts”.

Why Are There 60 Minutes In An Hour?

clockInteresting article which explains why we have 24 hours in a day, sixty miutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute. It is due to ancient counting systems and the human hand. The ancient Sumerians counted to 12 on each hand. Find out how HERE.

Crop Circles Created By Stoned Wallabies [WTF]

wallabyThe BBC reports –

Australian wallabies are eating opium poppies and creating crop circles as they hop around “as high as a kite”, a government official has said.

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Banned Drug Company Produces Walmart’s $4 Prescriptions reports –

Walmart is heavily promoting a program of 30-day supplies of generic drugs for $4, pointing to the program as an indicator of the company’s leadership on making healthcare more affordable. To profit on $4 dollar prescriptions, Walmart is importing drugs from foreign countries, including India. One of Walmart’s Indian drug suppliers, Ranbaxy Laboratories, LTD, has been repeatedly investigated by the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Justice for “inadequate” safeguards against contamination, falsification of records and submitting false information to the FDA.

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Nigro, Nigro and White – An Actual CPA Firm

nnwThis CPA firm is really named Nigro, Nigro & White.

5 Step Plan To Avoid Exercise

workoutExcellent (and funny) plan to prevent oneself from ever exercising. I’ve had my own successful plan for years, but I appreciate the helpful suggestions.

Read the 5 Steps HERE.

Strip Club Hires 14 Year Old Girl, Then Sues Her For Duping Them [WTF] reports –

A strip club that hired a 14-year-old as an exotic dancer is now suing the girl, saying the seventh-grader swindled them into breaking state law. The San Antonio teen allegedly exposed her breasts while working at Cheetah Club in Corpus Christi, a violation of state law. Alan Yaffe, the club’s attorney, said the club didn’t know the girl was a minor. “She came (into the club) with 6-inch stiletto heels and a miniskirt and looked just like a model from a Miss America’s contest,” Yaffe said.

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Cummingtonite – It’s A Real Mineral [WTF]

103-26SmallWhen I first saw the name, I didn’t think it was actually a mineral. Here are some references –

WebMineral Wikipedia and another one

Outstanding Debts? [pic]


Totally Worthless And Overpaid [pic]


10 Off-The-Wall Hot Dogs

Hot-DogThe lowly hotdog prepared in some very unusual ways. Most appear to be very tasty.

Judge for yourself HERE.

Armed Man Chases Victim To Police Station

geniusThe Belleville News-Democrat reports –

An Edwardsville woman talked hysterically with a police dispatcher for more than 7 minutes as she drove from rural Edwardsville to the Madison County Sherifff’s Department, followed by a man who just stuck a gun in her face and tried to rob her. The woman, who had her three small children in the vehicle with her when it happened, called 911. The woman, being directed by a dispatcher, drove toward the Madison County Sheriff’s Department in Edwardsville. The suspect actually followed her until he realized where she was arriving.

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