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Mmmmm! Black Hot Dog!

According to DigitalJournal –

Now it’s another BBQ treat going black. Costing 600 yen, a completely black hot dog measuring 30cm in length can be bought and eaten in Akihabara, Tokyo. There are rumors that this hot dog gets its black color from squid ink, but according to a number of reports in the Japanese media, Vegas Premium Hot-Dogs actually uses edible bamboo charcoal powder. That power is used as a food dye throughout Asia. The edible bamboo charcoal powder does not alter the taste of the hot dog and is even good for your health.

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Only In Germany – Sausage Vending Machine

According to –

An enterprising German butcher has built a sausage vending machine outside his shop so that late-night carnivores can get their hands on after-hours meaty treats.

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Police Stumped – Truck Spilled Something On Highway

According to –

Yesterday morning, a trailer flipped over on Highway 70 at the Mid Rivers Mall exit in St. Peters, spilling it’s cargo of what the police think were bratwurst.

After the tractor-trailer exited off eastbound 70 onto north Mid Rivers Mall Drive this morning, it overturned, spilling some of its contents, which St. Peters police believe to be bratwurst.

So they aren’t sure if they were bratwurst, but they believe them to be bratwurst.

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10 Off-The-Wall Hot Dogs

Hot-DogThe lowly hotdog prepared in some very unusual ways. Most appear to be very tasty.

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