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Activated Charcoal Should Be Avoided

According to Popular Science –

On her Goop website, Gwyneth Paltrow claimed that charcoal lemonade was one of the “best juice cleansers”. That was in 2014. Today, charcoal products—from croissants to capsules—are everywhere. Even high street coffee chains have taken to selling charcoal “shots”. Some vendors of these products claim that activated charcoal can boost your energy, brighten your skin and reduce wind and bloating. The main claim, though, is that these products can detoxify your body.

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Interesting Fact – Counter-balance Weights In Aircraft Are Sometimes Made From Depleted Uranium

I was stunned when I heard this.

Neither the Federal Aviation Administration nor the major aircraft manufacturers publish information about which planes and helicopters contain DU components. As one industry insider told a reporter, “No one brags about DU.” However many wide-body aircraft such as the Boeing 747, Lockheed L-1011,  McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and Lockheed military C-130 all require the use of counter-balance weights for proper flight control. The Boeing 747 airplane program utilized depleted uranium for its first 550 aircraft built.  The company obtained in excess of 200 tons of the radioactive material, and cast approximately 12,000 parts.

You can read more HERE and HERE.

Eye-Opening Facts About The Thyroid

From MentalFloss –

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland that lives just below your larynx. Its two halves, or lobes, which rest against the trachea, weigh less than an ounce. The thyroid is under the control a peanut-shaped gland in the brain called the pituitary gland, which in turn takes its commands from the hypothalamus, a region of the brain that works as the communications center for the pituitary—sending messages in the form of hormones to control the release of thyroid hormones from the pituitary.

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Consider Your Spleen


Mental_floss presents 7 facts about the spleen, that like the spleen itself, are mostly insignificant. At least, now you will know something about your spleen.

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One Supplement I Don’t Want – Horny Goat Weed

HGW-smI noticed something strange in an email from Puritan’s Pride (the vitamin folks) – Horny Goat Weed with Maca. I’ve never heard of Horny Goat Weed, nor Maca. The label says that it is an “Erotic Herb For Men”. Apparently, this is a thing, but… NO thanks! At least it isn’t Horny OLD Goat Weed.

You can buy it now from Puritan’s Pride HERE.


10 Weird Resuscitation Techniques From 200 Years Ago

dryrubbing-sMental_floss presented this list that started with “1. Rubs and marinades”, went on to “2. Sticks and whips” and “3. Blowing smoke”, and included 7 more techniques of old time medical practice.

If you have a cardiac arrest today, and are revived by the wonders of modern medicine, you should thank your lucky stars that you’re alive. You should also give thanks that your resuscitation took place today, rather than 200 years ago. Because back then, techniques of bringing back the dead were far less effective. And much more bizarre.

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Question Of The Day – Is Eating Boogers Good For You?

goo-sApparently not, according to Gizmodo –

Does physically taking boogers out of your nose, putting them in your mouth and swallowing boost your immune system? The short answer is probably not. You ingest your snot all the time without needing to channel it through your mouth. So if there is a benefit here, you get it without needing to munch your nose nuggets.

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Salt Conundrum

Salt-sScienceDaily reported –

Sep. 8, 2013 — Eat less salt’ is a mantra of our health-conscious times and is seen as an important step in reducing heart disease and hypertension. Too much salt in the diet — and specifically sodium — is widely acknowledged as a major risk factor for high blood pressure however, scientists have found that salt’s other oft-overlooked constituent chloride might also play an important role. A study by researchers at the University of Glasgow has revealed that low chloride levels in the blood is an independent indicator of mortality risk in people with hypertension. The role of chloride in hypertension has received little attention from scientists hitherto. After analysing data from almost 13,000 patients with high blood pressure, followed up over 35 years, the researchers found that low levels of chloride was associated with a higher risk of death and cardiovascular disease.

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5 Ridiculous Health Myths You Probably Believe

h-peroxideCracked published an interesting list of five health related myths that most people probably believe. What did I learn? Hydrogen peroxide isn’t so good and red meat isn’t so bad.

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Wild Monkeys To Help Detect Radiation From Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Plant

MSNBC reports –

Wild monkeys fitted with collars containing detectors and GPS transmitters will help researchers at Fukushima University measure radiation in the forests surrounding a nuclear power plant crippled last March by a powerful earthquake and tsunami. The monkeys will wear the collars for a month and they will be remotely detached, says a team of scientists led by Professor Takayuki Takahashi.

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Third Round of Swine Flu Possible?

If you you thought we were done with the swine flu – guess again.

According to The Belleville News-Democrat –

The 2009 H1N1 flu season was predicted in early fall by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be of pandemic proportions. Some predictions estimated several thousand people would die from complications related to the infection, and health departments and schools held clinics to make sure the most vulnerable populations were vaccinated as soon as the H1N1 vaccine was available. “Those predictions did not materialize,” said Karen Kunsemiller, special projects coordinator at the St. Clair County Health Department. “There was a low severity of illness and fewer hospitalizations and deaths than originally projected.” In fact, only person in St. Clair County and one in Madison County died from complications from the H1N1 flu. About 12 percent of the population, or about 30,000 people, in St. Clair County received an H1N1 vaccination, Kunsemiller said. But officials say people shouldn’t let their guard down yet, in case there is a third round of swine flu. “The response was a little lower than we had hoped and demand has decreased as the number of cases declines,” Kunsemiller said. “Right now flu activity is categorized as sporadic. There has been a big decline in flu activity and we are still encouraging people to get vaccinated because we don’t know if there will be a third wave of the flu.”

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FDA Warning Letters To Manufacturers

This page has all the notices recently sent  from the US Food and Drug Administration. These letters were sent to food and drug manufacturers who violated one or more of the government’s nutritional labeling regulations. I found them rather informative and interesting. To read the warning letters click on the manufacturers’ name.

Go to FDA site.


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