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How To Survive The Apocalypse – Scientific Survival Tips [video]

Snow Shoveling Tips from The Onion


The Onion is America’s go-to site for smart advice. After reading their list of Snow Shoveling Tips, you’ll realize that you’ve been doing it wrong.

Enjoy The Snow Shoveling Tips HERE.


Tattooing – Close Up [video]

Balan the Blowpipe Maker of Borneo [video]

The Run Command – What Is It?

If you are like most Windows users, you never use the Run Command. The reason is that you don’t know what is does. MakeUseOf published a short article explaining the mysterious thing with some great tips on how to use it. Useful information for Windows users – impress you friends –

read the article HERE.


How-To With Ziggy [comic]


ziggy-3-17-13-smoriginal source


How To Talk On The Phone – 1951 Booklet presented a booklet from 1951, that was published by Bell Telephone to instruct people how to use the newfangled rotary dialed phones. They also have a PDF of the booklet available for downloading.

Go to




How To Make A Video – WHEW! [video]

How To Sharpen A Pencil – Like A Boss

More than anyone needs to know about sharpening pencils.

Step Four: Monitoring the Shavings’ Egress

Etsy published this article on April 1, 2012.

Read the article HERE


Henry’s Kitchen – Henry Cooks Romantic Sushi [video]

Henry’s Anytime Chili for One [video]


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