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There Is A Bank That Accepts Parmesan Cheese as Collateral [video]

The 1% In Love [comic]

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Indian Bank Trades Goats Not Money

So, you thought your bank was as effed-up as any financial institution could be. Think again, a bank in India not only lends goats, it also accepts goats as deposits.

According to PressTrust of India –

Women in remote Korawan, 70 km from Allahabad, have come up with a novel bank which exclusively deals with goats – accepting the animal as savings and lending it out as loans. In tough terrains of Mirzapur district, most of the people are engaged in crushing stone to earn a living. “Wives of these people help them in crushing stones and breed two-three goats for additional income,” Singh said.

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Good Economic News – World Bank Backs Dollar

Reuters reports –

“I think the dollar will remain the principal reserve currency.”

And added a warning to the new U.S. administration –

“Given the important role the U.S. dollar plays in the global financial system, it is incumbent upon the United States to pursue sound economic, fiscal and monetary policies.” he said.

I hope they are listening. Read the Reuters article.

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