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2012 In 4 Minutes [video]

The Year in Pictures – 2012

BuzzFeed published an excellent collection of photos of the most important events of 2012.

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2012 & The End Of The World Explained [video]

10 Unusual 2012 Calendars

Mental_floss presents a collection of strange calendars for 2012. The list begins with one featuring the medical oddities of the Mutter Museum, and includes such favorites as The Naked Archaeologists – you may need to order several.

Check out all 10 calendars HERE



NASA Says World To End In 2013, NOT 2012 – Whew!!!

Every so often we hear one of these end-of-the-world stories. There’s a meteor that’s going to hit the earth, or the sun’s going to lose its gravitational pull. And generally we can ignore them because they’re the calculator speculations of some shed-scientist crackpot. Today we heard another: The earth is going to be hit by a barrage of solar flares in 2013 when the sun’s magnetic energy cycle coincides with its 11-year peak in super-powered-sunspot activity — but this time it wasn’t a maverick amateur making the predictions. It was freakin’ NASA. We think the word you’re looking for is “yikes.” The once-in-a-generation occurrence has gone broadly unnoticed in the past but has the potential to destroy all the computer systems on which our modern world relies: Bank accounts, medical records, business records, entire websites and, yes, your Facebook account could all disappear.

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Mayan Calendar Mystery Explained [pic]

NonSequitur explains the mystery of the Mayan calendar.


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