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Zeppelins Once Served As Aircraft Carriers

This page has a lot of information about the two airships built by the US Navy in the early 1930s.

The ships were equipped with hangars, approximately 75′ long x 60′ wide x 16′ high, which could stow and service up to five aircraft in flight. Aircraft were launched and retrieved by means of a trapeze, and could enter and exit the hangar though a large T-shaped opening at the bottom of the hull.

Read much more about these two very strange zeppelins.

What Are The Worst (and Best) Airports In The World?


From –

not all airports are the same. Do certain airports engender significantly more positive feelings than others? 

We were curious about just which airports are most hated and beloved. In order to analyze this, we examined nearly 17,000 reviews of more than 700 airports on the airport ratings website Skytrax. These reviews — which come from citizens of over 100 different countries — include ratings of various aspects of the airport experience, as well as written comments.

Continue reading the story HERE.

Cheer Up! Now There’s An App That Tells You If Your Plane Will Crash


Gizmodo reported –

More than just being a $0.99 novelty, though, ‘Am I Going Down’ is a good case study in human irrationality. Most nervous flyers are probably dimly aware that they’re at far greater risk driving or walking or shovelling snow, but there’s something emotionally terrifying about plane crashes that captures our imagination.

Read about the ‘Am I Going Down’ app HERE.



So, You Want To Land Your Plane On A Windy Day [video]

Cool Site –

With, you can follow almost any plane that is in the air worldwide on a Google-type map. The plane locations are updated on the map in real time (or with a 5 minute delay). Zoom in and the aircraft’s progress can be easily followed. Click on the plane’s icon and vital information about it (plane type, airline, destination, origination, altitude, speed, etc.) is displayed in the sidebar. Very cool!

Check out



The Future of Air Travel According to Ziggy [comic]

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