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Forbes Pigment Collection

According to MentalFloss –

We’re on the fourth floor of the Harvard Art Museums, inside a lab at the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies that looks out upon a skylit atrium through crystal-clear glass. Behind its transparent walls, visible to the public below, is an assemblage of art supplies arresting enough to give the paintings downstairs a run for their money: rows upon rows of jars filled with a vibrant rainbow of every hue imaginable. This is the Forbes Pigment Collection.

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Paint Was Once Made From Mummies


According to CultOfWeird –

Mummies started finding their way into paint in the early 1700s. Mixed with white pitch and myrrh, Mummy Brown was a rich brown pigment that became highly sought after despite numerous inferior technical qualities. In 1849, it was described as “quite in vogue.”

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Geeky Clock – WhatColourIsIt


WhatColourIsIt is so geeky that, possibly, only web developers will appreciate it. It displays the current time on a solid color background of the corresponding HTML color code. The background color changes as the seconds tick off.

Check it out HERE.



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