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World Record Pizza – Over A Mile Long

NaplesPizzaRecord-s reported –

It took 250 expert pizza chefs from all over the world some six hours and 11 minutes to build the giant pizza, which when complete stretched along the city’s seafront between Castel dell’Ovo and the US consulate. The monster margherita beat the previous Guinness world record of 1595 metres, set by chefs at Milan’s Expo last year.

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Oldest Family – 9 Siblings Average 90+ Years

According to GuinnessWorldRecords –

A family from Sardinia, Italy have set a new world record for longevity, taking the title for the highest combined age for nine living siblings. The three brothers and six sisters from the Melis family had a collective age of 818 years and 205 days verified by Guinness World Records on June 1st. The eldest of the siblings, who have become local legends in their village of Perdasdefogu, is Consolata, who turns 105 years tomorrow. Consolata is followed by 99-year-old Claudina, who was seen Sunday in the front row at morning Mass in the local church of St. Peter. Next is Maria (not pictured), at 97; Antonio at 93; Concetta aged 91; followed by 89-year-old Adolfo who still works in a local bar. Other siblings include Vitalio, 81, Fida, 80, and finally the baby of the bunch, 78-year-old Mafalda, who lives in Cagliari with Vitalio.

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Sexy World Record – SFW – 26 Women In A Mini Cooper [video]

12 Stupid Guinness World Records

This page offers details about these 12 records –

1. Farthest Squirting of Milk from the Eye

2. Largest Collection of Clocks

3. Largest Collection of Barf Bags

4. Largest Collection of ‘Do Not Disturb Signs’

5. Most Eggs Crushed with Head in One Minute

6. Largest Collection of Smurf Memorabilia

7. Largest Smurf Meeting Ever

8. Most Married Person

9. Most People Brushing Their Teeth Simultaneously

10. Most Snails on Face

11. Highest Jump by a Guinea Pig

12. The World’s Loudest Burp

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20 Sq.Ft. Of Pizza For $200 – OMG! [pic]

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