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Ziggy’s Unlimited Phone Plan [comic]

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What Is My Comcast Customer Name? The Verge’s Comcast Name Generator To The Rescue


Recently, Comcast has been assigning special names to some of their favorite customers. If you aren’t one of those fortunate ones, The Verge’s Comcast Name Generator will create a name for you.

Check it out HERE.


21st. Century Customer Feedback [comic]

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Finally, An Honest Automated Phone System [comic]

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Customer Service Department Has An Open Door Policy [comic]

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The Future of Air Travel According to Ziggy [comic]

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HP – Thanks A Lot! [pic]

Today, while checking for new drivers for the worst printer that I’ve ever owned (HP Photosmart D5460), I found this little gem on HP’s site. The offending software is simply crapware from HP Marketing, it is not involved with printing. Way to go, HP!

HP site

Airline Installs Pay Toilets

The Age reports –

One of Europe’s biggest discount airlines, Ryanair, will charge passengers to use on-board toilets. The Irish airline is planning to make its toilets coin-operated, forcing passengers to fork out £1 ($1.65) or €1 ($1.45) every time they want to spend a penny in the sky. The extra charges, which come on top of separate fees for check-in baggage and snacks, will coincide with the reduction of some toilet facilities on Ryanair planes. “By charging for the toilets we are hoping to change passenger behaviour so that they use the bathroom before or after the flight,” Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara told the Daily Mail.

What I’m wondering is – what if you don’t have money for the facilities?

Continue reading HERE.

AT+T Charges Fee To Obtain Discount

dollar-slashThe Consumerist reports that AT+T is charging a $36 fee to “activate” a 25% discount.

Read more HERE.


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