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That Time Chile Misspelled Its Name On A Coin

From a 2010 BBC article –

The general manager of the Chilean mint has been dismissed after thousands of coins were issued with the name of the country spelt wrongly. The 50-peso coins – worth about 10 cents (6p) – were issued in 2008, but no-one noticed the mistake until late last year. Instead of C-H-I-L-E, the coins had C-H-I-I-E stamped on them.

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24 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of The Week

From BuzzFeed –

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and breathtaking pictures from the past week.


A Lithium Mine In Chile [video]


Heavy Rains Cause Rare Bloom In Chile’s Atacama Desert


LiveScience reported –

The normally barren, almost Martian landscape of the Atacama Desert recently erupted in flowers, painting the hillsides, blue, fuschia, orange and yellow. The almost magical transformation occurred thanks to heavy rains earlier in the year, which watered flower seeds that had lain dormant for years.

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Exoplanet Has Been Imaged Orbiting Its Star

Beta Pictoris b

Gizmodo reports –

And…it’s literally six seconds of pixelated blob. But before you laugh, know this: Capturing that planetary transit you just witnessed was no easy task. You’re looking at Beta Pictoris b, a gas giant ten to twelve times the mass of Jupiter that orbits a star over 60 light years away. That’s 3.527 × 1014 miles from us, and we’re actually able to see it! If you’re still not impressed, try this on for size: Beta Pictoris b is roughly a million times dimmer than its parent star.

See video and read more HERE.

2010 – Year In Pictures – Denver Post [pics]

This collection may beat out The BigPicture – stunning photos.

Go to the pics.

Chile – 3 Days Later – The Big Picture [pics]

The Big Picture has some outstanding photos from Chile.



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